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The Game
Cute bunnies!!
Bond with the cutest virtual bunnies you've ever seen, they come in all shapes and sizes but require the same amount of petting!
Buns can be kawaii, pastel, strawberry-shaped, giant or... just plain old normal-looking but they'll still be the cuddliest :3
Help them find cozy families!
Send some bunnies for adoption so you can, in return, keep pandering to your favorite one. :3
You will receive orders for specific types of bunnies : A brown bunny with long ears, a small white baby, A GREEN ONE WITH YELLOW DOTS AND AN ENDLESS APPETITE FOR CHOCOLATE??? How specific can they get??
It's up to you to breed your bunnies to get the right baby!
Traits are inherited genetically, breed responsibly!
Want a pink bunny with stripes ?
Try breeding a pink bunny with a striped bunny, the result may... surprise you /(˃ᆺ˂)\
Fashion (ㅇㅅㅇ❀)
Get food, equipment and cosmetics for your buns so they can get as happy as bunnily possible!!
Are you a kawaii-hat or a rad-sunglasses person?
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